Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Six Thinking Hats By Edward de Bono

Want to be creative? You can apply this concept in your life…just try it. It’s easy as easy as put the hat on your head.

 The Purpose and Value of (STH)

-Role playing.
-Attention directing.
-The Symbolism of the six different hats provides Convenience.
-The possible basis in “brain chemistry”.
-Establishing the rules of the game, which people are very good at learning?

 Why Color?

-Color makes the imaging and remembering easier.
-More practical.
-It makes people less offensive
-The neutrality of the colors allows the hats to be used without embarrassment.
-Thinking becomes a game with defined rules rather than a matter of exhortation and condemnation.

 White Hat

-facts, proofs, evidence, figures, data, and info
-Neutral and objective
-Is a discipline and direction
-There is two-tier system of information:
1) The 1st tier contains checked and proven facts.
2) The 2nd tier contains facts that are believe to be true but have not yet been fully checked 2nd class facts.

 2)Red Hat

-Legitimizes emotions and feelings as important part of thinking
-The red hat covers two broad types of feeling:
1) Ordinary emotion such as fear and dislike to the more subtle one such as suspicion.
2) Complex judgements = feeling as hunch intuition, sense, taste aesthetic feeling and other not-visibly justified types of feeling.

 3)Black Hat

-Specifically concerned with negative assessment.
-The logical-negative
-Why it will work.
-It does not fit our knowledge and experience.
-Critical judgement
-The pessimistic view.

 4)Yellow Hat

-Positive thinking.
-Yellow is for sunshine and brightness.
-Focus on benefit.
-Constructive thinking and making things happen.

 5)Green Hat

-New idea, new concepts and new perceptions.
-The deliberate creation of new ideas.
-Alternatives and more alternatives.
-New approaches to problems.

 6)Blue Hat

-Thinking about thinking.
-Instructions for thinking.
-The organization of thinking.
-Control of the other hats.

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